Quality Assured Seal

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All local DMCs offer promising and authentic experiences however; a voluntary scheme run by the Malta Tourism Authority recognises DMCs committed to the premium levels of quality, consistency and professionalism.  This is the Quality Assured Seal.  In order to accomplish the Quality Seal DMCs must comply with a set of requirements designed to ensure the highest possible quality in the event and destination management business.  

The QA seal now also covers two other key tourism business operations: restaurants and visitor attractions. Having been launched in 2008 for DMCs, the first companies were awarded this seal as of 2009. Participating businesses are assessed either annually or once every two years and to date there are a total of 21 Quality Assured DMCs operating in Malta. 

Quality Assured Destination Management companies feature the Quality Assured logo  on their official web portals and other marketing collateral. Participation or presence on the Malta Stand at M.I.C.E. exhibitions or tradeshows is exclusive to Quality Assured DMCs. 

For more information about the Quality Assurance Seal for business operations, please view www.qualityassuredmalta.com. 

Quality Assured DMCs

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