History & Culture

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Going back thousands of years beyond recorded history, one finds the arrival of civilisations that inhabited and eventually settled on the islands.  In these early ages what are known today as the globally recognised UNESCO world heritage sites Megalithic Temples were built.


Along the years, the Maltese Islands had many invasions from different conquerors providing Malta with the rich and unique history we have today.  The mixture of these different cultures and traditions shaped up what we now know as the Maltese Islands and Maltese Language.   

The Maltese Islands’ Timeline

5200 B.C. – 800 B.C.
Pre History
900 B.C. – 480 B.C.
Early Inhabitants
2018 B.C. - 395
Roman Times
Under the Arabs
1090 - 1485
Normans Rule & The Middle Ages
1530 – 1566
Knights of St John
1798 – 1802
French Occupation
1814 - 1947
British Period
1964 – 2008
Modern Malta
The Present & The Future
One of the World’s best meeting points