Reasons to choose Maltese Islands

Reasons to choose maltese islands

Easy, accessible, versatile, flexible and dynamic, the Maltese Islands have seen an increase in M.I.C.E visitors in recent years. There are many reasons to host events in the Maltese Islands but here are the top ten:

1. Access All Areas

Conventions Malta; the official M.I.C.E and Convention Bureau for Malta, Gozo and Comino.

2. Short flights from major European cities

The Maltese Islands are serviced by an extensive network of international flight connections and under three hours flying time from major European gateways.

3. Ease of communication

English is one of Malta's official languages, alongside Maltese which is our national language. Maltese is mainly descended from Siculo-Arabic, a variety of Arabic that developed in Sicily. About half of the vocabulary is derived from Italian and Sicilian words. Also English words make up a small percentage of the Maltese vocabulary with other national influences such as French and Spanish due to various nation rulings in our history. A number of local suppliers are also knowledgeable and have staff that can speak other European and international languages.

4. Excellent infrastructure

Malta has over 3,500 rooms in 15 five-star hotels ranging from international chains to boutique properties. Most are within walking distance of each other and can easily accommodate a large group across several properties. Moreover there are in excess of 40 four-star hotels providing an additional 14,000 beds.

Malta has a selection of conference centres that have hosted numerous international events. These venues all boast cutting edge technology and can accommodate from around 2,000 to over 5,000 delegates. Moreover, all five-star and several four-star hotels have in-house conference facilities and dedicated M.I.C.E teams.

The Island’s unique landscape and rich heritage provide a grand backdrop for memorable events, be it an al freso dinner in a village square or drinks on a floating barge in the Grand Harbour, a seaside lunch in the shadow of Gozo's Azure Window, or a black-tie reception in a Baroque Palazzo.

5. Short transfer times

The Island's small size plays to organisers' advantage as transfer times are kept to a minimum (typically 25 minutes) allowing for more quality programme time.

Some examples ...

Airport to Valletta: 5km
Airport to Gozo:     30km)

6. Temperate Mediterranean Climate

With almost 300 days of sunshine a year and mild temperatures throughout autumn and winter, this Mediterranean Island offers many possibilities throughout the year.

7. Service Provision

Malta has various professional suppliers that work to meet the needs of meeting and/or event planners. With decades of experience in producing innovative and often award-winning programmes, DMCs and other ancillary services suppliers have a vast experience within the field due to long standing tourism industry on the Island.

8. Good Value for Time and Money

The Maltese Islands are very competitively priced compared to their European neighbours. The destination has now established itself as a preferred European destination and Mediterranean Island option for conferences, events and incentives of all sizes.

9. European

As a European Union member and signatory to the Schengen Agreement, the Maltese Islands have an efficient and convenient airport border control. The unit of currency is the Euro.

10. Malta’s famous Hospitality

Honed over the centuries of hosting different civilizations, Malta established itself as the destination of choice for conference, events and incentives providing a warm welcome and offering renowned hospitality.